Whether I’m snapping photos during heartfelt wedding vows or sipping a beer at a rodeo, you’ll catch me with a smile on my face and a Tyler Childers song in my heart. A hunger for creativity led me to a career as a photographer, but the rad clients like you that I interact with every day are what make my soul light up. I’ve spent years fine-tuning my signature warm, candid style and my honest, helpful method of directing couples to show up as their best selves on camera. But, that’s not all I do! Find out a little bit more about the madness behind my method, what makes me so much more than just a photographer, and my wild love for tacos right over here.

Hey friend,
I'm Samantha Kaye

"Samantha Kaye Photography is simply AMAZING! Choosing her for our wedding photographer was by far my easiest and first wedding decision. Samantha puts her heart and soul into her work and it truly shines through."

- Shiann